Sermons and Pastoral Messages

See how he loves us – Sermon on John 11 for All Saints Sunday

Freed to set free – Sermon on John 8 for Reformation Sunday

Oodles and Oodles of Books – Sermon on Hebrews 4:12-16

Why? – Sermon on Luke 24 for Giving Sunday

“Touched by an Angel” – Sermon for St. Michael and All Angels

Questions – Sermon on Mark 10:2-16

The Naked Truth – Fourth Sermon on the Eucharistic Life based on John 6

“You are what you eat” – Third Sermon on the Eucharistic Life based on John 6

“Diamonds in the Rough” – Second Sermon on the Eucharistic Life based on John 6

“Enough is…enough.” – First Sermon the Eucharistic Life based on John 6

“Psalm 23—What does it mean?” – Sermon on Psalm 23

God’s Plumbline – Sermon on Amos 7

Why not you? – Sermon on Mark 4:35-41

Rock Bottom – Sermon for the Return to the Sanctuary after Pandemic and Fire

“Everything We Need” – Sermon on Mark 4

God the Weaver – Sermon on Genesis 3

A Strange Birth – Sermon for the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Gifted Children of God – Sermon for Pentecost Sunday

A transitional, liminal space – Sermon for the Seventh Sunday of Easter

“For us and for our salvation” – Sermon for the Ascension of our Lord

Grapes — Sermon on John 15:1-18

Heaven: Living with God – Sermon for the Third Sunday of Easter

“Do you know what I have done to you?” – Sermon for Maundy Thursday

“Just can’t remember…” – Sermon on Jeremiah 31 for Lent V

One metric and one metric only – Sermon on John 3:16 on Lætare

Our e-Manuel – Sermon on the Ten Commandments

Lenten Fasting – Sermon for the First Sunday in Lent

A Lovely Holiday – Sermon for the Feast of Saint Valentine

“Do. Do. Do. Go. Go. Go. Busy.” – Sermon on Mark 1:21-28

“Turned upside down, around, and inside out” – Sermon on Mark 1:14-20

The Ladder of Faith – Sermon on John 1:43-51

Star light, star bright – Sermon for Epiphany

The Happy Exchange – Sermon for the Feast of Basil the Great

God’s Body Suit – Sermon for Christmas Eve

Remember and Rejoice – Sermon for the Third Sunday of Advent

“God’s Timetable” – Sermon for the First Sunday of Advent

The Christian Revolution – Sermon for the Feast of Christ the King

O Day of Mercy, the Final Judgement – Sermon on Zephaniah 1

Reflections on the Political State of Our Nation

Family Reunion – Sermon for All Saints Day

“Nary a Second Thought” – Sermon for the Feast of St. James, Brother of our Lord

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. – Sermon on Matthew 22